Inventive elements create peace and harmony

Coöperation: Jos van Zijl

The residents of this beautiful house have found their new home in a green municipality with a rich cultural history.

The existing bungalow was extensively renovated in collaboration with architect Jos van Zijl and transformed into a beautiful home with a fresh, modern look. On the exterior, this resulted in a completely new facade and the integration of various windows.

The interior was also overhauled. Within the existing structure, Jos devised a new layout that surprises from the moment of entering the home. On the ground floor, a multifunctional core forms a connecting hub. Behind the monolithic exterior there are inventive and unique finds. For example, the sublime open kitchen is located at the rear of the house with a view of the green garden. In collaboration with us, this space was immersed in a wonderful and warm atmosphere, in which the combining of various high-quality materials creates a harmonious and calm image.

This project is a special fusion of visions and expertise that shows how an entirely new and surprising home has been created by thinking outside the box within existing frameworks.


At the rear, the Smoaked Oak element serves as a cupboard wall for the luxurious kitchen. High-quality appliances, a coffee bar and a drinks cabinet are integrated into this wall. A kitchen island with a marble worktop whose veins continue into the waterfall edges has been positioned in front of this element. The rich appearance of the materials harmonises beautifully with the sturdy liquid metal that is applied to the front of the cabinets. The tone-on-tone color scheme gives the kitchen a natural-looking and calm appearance.

The arrangement of both the kitchen and the utility room, devised by Jos, was fine-tuned by us and translated into a high-end realization. Jos: “We have been working together for many years. Culimaat and I have an excellent relationship. We both dare to think outside the box and do not shy away from any challenge. This regularly creates unique and innovative solutions, such as the sliding doors in the cupboard wall – now a recognizable part of the Culimaat signature.” Twan adds: “Jos is a master in dividing spaces and in devising technical solutions. Like us, he works with high-quality and exclusive materials and always strives for perfection. Together we make the impossible possible.”

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