One with nature

Coöperation: Studio des Bouvrie

Situated in a wooded area you can find a sleek detached villa, built by the Belgian company Vlassak-Verhulst in collaboration with Studio Jan des Bouvrie.

In the exciting L-shaped design, light and space go hand in hand with long sightlines that connect the various living functions. Due to the large glass facades, the architecture connects the inside to the outside. In addition, the surrounding area is reflected in the large windows, so that the villa seems to blend in with nature.

In its powerfull design, the unique designer kitchen is the ultimate eye- catcher. A sleek design that underlines the modern appearance of the villa with beautiful lines and a contrasting color palette.

Contrasterende eenheid

By applying the same use of colors and materials in the live-in kitchen, this space fits in seamlessly with the rest of the interior. The interplay of dark and light is used consistently throughout the space and thus emphasizes the lines that are so characteristic to the house. For example, the white kitchen island of Corian® stands in stark contrast to the black cupboard wall. A material has been used that, despite its matte finish, is particularly resistant to fingerprints. The niches in this wall unit are embellished with blue steel: a beautiful material with a subtle hue that comes
to life thanks to the integrated lighting. The unique appearance of the kitchen is enhanced by a sleek finish, high-end equipment, technology and the seemless way in which the various elements flow into each other.

The end result reflects the more than successful collaboration between Vlassak-Verhulst, Studio Jan des Bouvrie and Culimaat. Monique des Bouvrie about the collaboration: ‘’Culimaat is a reputable party for us, especially when we work for a client that is looking for innovative solutions, beautiful lines and refined details, with due observance of practicality. In a number of sessions we worked towards a kitchen that fits perfectly into the overall design in terms of colors and materials. We can look back on a successful process in which we were involved from the first sketch to the final styling. In this way we were given the opportunity, together with the client, to work out their wishes into our design concepts.”

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